The Tale of YetiParade

Carissa Cornelius’ story begins when she was dropped as a baby on her parent’s doorstep by a Technicolor Pterodactyl in 1984. She was born and raised in the Sonoran deserts of Tucson, Arizona, and developed a mighty need to draw and create very early in life. Thankfully her parents were very supportive and supplied her with drawing supplies and sketch books, which she plowed through like a wood chipper. When she became a “grown up”, she moved to the Pacific Wonderland of Oregon, where she attended Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR. She graduated in 2014 with her degree in Studio Art. She then made the long migration to Austin, TX because everyone’s freaking moving to Austin, so she thought it would be an awesome idea to contribute to the overpopulation problem. She cohabitates with her husband, Dylan and their two gatos, Carmella and Kumquat.

Carissa’s art style is a mishmash from various influences, such as Miss Monster, Brandi Milne, Lauren Ys, Brett Parson, JAW Cooper, The Very Worst Thing, and many other super talented artists. Carissa’s art gravitates towards bright colors and fantastical creatures.


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